Read about the current state of oral health for a variety of patient types and helpful tips on how to counsel patients to meet their individual needs.


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Brochure for Patients-Children (6 Years and Older)

Fun graphics and engaging language encourage a healthy routine for oral care. A fun word search puzzle will help kids learn about proper oral care.

Brochure for Patients—Adults

Get patients more involved in their oral healthcare with tips for a healthy conversation between patients and dental healthcare professionals.

Pain Management Counseling Tool

Educate your patients on effective opioid free treatment options to manage their pain

HCP Dental Checklist Tool

Help your patients create a plan for post surgery dental pain


NEW 24-Hour Relief from Painful Tooth Sensitivity

Highlight your space with the NEW Listerine Sensitivity – the first and only leading mouthwash indicated to block tooth sensitivity at the source.

Anticavity Protection Beyond Dental Visits

Illustrate the root cause of cavities and help your patients protect their teeth against tooth decay in between office visits.

Healthy Gums & the Importance of Rinsing

See how adding Listerine to a brush and floss routine helps make gums healthy again


Better Oral Hygiene, Better Health?

While maintaining a consistent oral care routine certainly has a positive impact on your mouth, it can also make a difference in a patient's overall quality of life.

Pregnancy and Oral Health

For women, maintaining oral health during pregnancy is vitally important. Besides the general health benefits, how you care for your teeth and gums during pregnancy can also impact your baby.

Caregiving and Oral Care

Tips on how to manage and what to look for when assisting loved ones with their oral healthcare.

Diabetes and Oral Health

Diabetic patients tend to be at higher risk for oral health issues. Read about the positive difference maintaining a consistent oral care routine can have for those living with diabetes.

Coming Clean on Bad Breath

Bad breath is an oral health issue few want to discuss due to its embarrassing nature. Here, we talk about the causes of bad breath and why it is important to have the discussion with patients.

Periodontitis and its Effects

While only some of your patients may have periodontitis, it's more prevalent than you may think. Read about the factors leading to periodontitis, how it can be treated, and ways to help prevent it.

Kids and Oral Hygiene

Learn about the effects of current trends in children's oral hygiene and what you can do to start them on the right path to positive oral care habits early.

Seniors and Oral Health

Oral health conditions among seniors can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. Here, we highlight the importance of maintaining healthy oral care habits as we age.


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Patient Flipchart

Get patients more involved in their oral healthcare with tips for a healthy conversation between patients and dental healthcare professionals.

Dental Cavities Tool

A double-sided informational tool that illustrates the formation of cavities and how to prevent them.

LISTERINE® Rinse recommendations

A LISTERINE® Product for Every Patient Need

A helpful card listing LISTERINE® mouthrinses and flosses, their benefits for each type of patient, as well as proper dosing and usage of each product.