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Icy-cold food, drinks, and even air are common triggers for patients suffering from dentin hypersensitivity. Unfortunately, even though the pain may be disruptive, many patients have a hard time voicing their discomfort, believing it’s something they just have to live with.1,2

Successful treatment outcomes include patients in the process

We know your goal is to help patients. For those with dentin hypersensitivity, that means significantly and quickly reducing discomfort, plus keeping sensitive areas comfortable between office visits. Now, you can help by making sure they know about new LISTERINE® SENSITIVITY zero alcohol mouthwash, which provides daily repair of damage by creating a powerful barrier for continuous sensitivity protection.3,4*

What is dentin hypersensitivity?

Dentin hypersensitivity occurs when dentin tubules are exposed, either through gingival recession or loss of tooth structure (cementum, enamel).4,5 Temperature or osmotic changes (heat, cold, acid, or sugar) affect fluid movement within dentin tubules, stimulating nerves in the pulp and triggering pain.4,5

Why is tubule occlusion important?

Fluoride is widely used to strengthen enamel, but it is not indicated for treatment of dentin hypersensitivity. Patients with dentin hypersensitivity may benefit from a solution that goes deeper…directly into open tubules.

Powered by CRYSTAL BLOCK™ Technology

LISTERINE® SENSITIVITY with CRYSTAL BLOCK™ Technology blocks open tubules by depositing crystals both on the surface of the dentin and deep inside the tubules. The crystals build with every rinse to provide deep, stable and comprehensive tubule occlusion, shielding them from external stimuli.3,4*

Minimally affected by acid or mechanical methods3,4

Only LISTERINE® SENSITIVITY provides tough, durable occlusion that withstands mechanical and erosive challenge, maintaining 92% tubule blockage.3,4† The protective occlusion of LISTERINE® SENSITIVITY is superior after challenge to the leading competitive sensitivity toothpaste. In comparison, the occlusion from competitive toothpastes erodes by as much as 50% after mechanical and acidic challenge.3,4†

Your recommendation can provide relief

Left undiagnosed, untreated, or even unaware of the relief that’s now within reach, patients may continue to avoid their favorite foods and drinks.1,2 When they add LISTERINE® SENSITIVITY to their daily oral care routine, every rinse helps build a barrier of protection for sensitive teeth.3,4

*With continued use.
†In laboratory studies.


Designed with deep, stable, comprehensive tubule occlusion in mind