New study shows the benefits of LISTERINE® in people with diabetes

Diabetes is associated with a higher prevalence of gingivitis and it is critical that we revisit our understanding of the relationship between this condition and oral health.


The COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to tap into patients’ increased attention to personal hygiene by continuing to educate patients that a healthy mouth is integral to a healthy body.

The Prevalence of Dental Caries

Dental caries in children are on the rise, but go largely untreated, leading to further oral health issues. Read about the impact of childhood caries and preventive measures you can take.

A healthy mouth is fundamental to a healthy patient

Learn how to keep oral bacterial in check with LISTERINE® Antiseptic

Give your patients a dentist-clean feeling at home

Arm your patients with a way to block the build-up with LISTERINE® ULTRACLEAN® Antiseptic

An Innovative Fluoride Treatment

Use of fluoride is crucial in maintaining good oral health. With so many fluoride mouthrinses to choose from, find out what unique innovations make LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE stand out from the crowd.

You See Different Types of Patients, But They All Have Something in Common

On a daily basis, you see many different patient types who present different challenges when it comes to their oral care needs. However, there is one characteristic they all share.

Break the ice with LISTERINE® Sensitivity Mouthrinse

Learn more about tooth sensitivity and how LISTERINE® Sensitivity Mouthrinse can help provide relief to your patients.

Expose and Eradicate Biofilm in the Hardest to Reach Places

A Post-Hoc SITE-WISE ANALYSIS® Shows that Adding Listerine® Antiseptic Mouthrinse to an Oral Care Routine was Shown to Restore Health to 2X More Gingival Sites Than Brushing and Flossing Alone.

Action for Dental Health

A community-based movement from the ADA aims to address a nationwide dental health crisis by focusing on preventable oral conditions.

Fluoridation vs Fluorosis

While the ADA supports the fluoridation of public water because of fluoride’s beneficial role in the reduction of tooth decay, the ADA also recommends taking measures to prevent fluorosis in children.

Oil Pulling vs the LISTERINE® Brand

Read about oil pulling, a recent trend in oral care, as well as the ADA’s position on its efficacy.

When it Comes to Killing Germs, LISTERINE ZERO® Mouthwash Gets Nearly a 100% Score

Do your patients want an effective intense taste of an antiseptic? LISTERINE ZERO® has the zero alcohol uncompromised germ-killing power.

Bold Insights From a Milestone Investigation

Oral disease is a widespread issue around the world. Results from this meta-analysis study reveal how recommending LISTERINE® to your patients can help address this global health issue.

Valuable Practice Management Tips

Building a successful dental practice takes a lot of effort and dedication. This article reveals 3 big ideas that can help.

Dispelling the Myth: Alcohol-Containing Mouthrinses and Oral Cancer

This article offers further evidence that alcohol-containing mouthrinses have no connection to oral cancer, so you can be as informed as possible when discussing these concerns with your patients.

The Demographics of Gum Disease

Most adults in the US have some form of gum disease.1 Understanding who they are can influence how you treat it.

Communication Skills You Can Practice. At Your Practice

It's important to be thorough when discussing oral health with patients. But do they really remember everything? These counseling tips can help you make sure they get more out of your time together.

Can Using a Mouthrinse Help Fight Gum Disease?

Gingivitis is a global burden affecting people of all ages. A recent study has shown that using LISTERINE® Antiseptic can play a key role in helping patients treat this condition