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Tools for Dental and Dental Hygiene Faculty

Access valuable tools and resources that will help you as you continue to educate and shape future dental healthcare professionals.


We understand the importance of preparing students to become dental healthcare professionals. As an educational leader, your experience and mentorship lay the foundation for these specialists of the future—which makes your role even more vital to the oral healthcare of millions of patients.

At the LISTERINE® Brand, we demonstrate our continuing appreciation to faculty by providing them with additional educational resources to complement their curriculum.


Below are dental and dental hygiene curriculum tools that you will find useful. Each presentation details a clinical discussion focusing on a specific topic.

This presentation talks about the importance of oral health for patients with diabetes, children, seniors, and pregnant women—and helps equip pharmacy students with the evidence-based oral hygiene knowledge and guidelines they need.

Explore a wealth of evidence about the safety and efficacy of LISTERINE® mouthrinses.

See the science behind the germ-killing power of LISTERINE® Antiseptic, in action.