We believe it can, with your help. And we can prove it.

Oral care. It’s your calling, and you answered it. You’ve made a long-term commitment to care for others, and help make a positive difference in their lives. And it’s a commitment that goes beyond the purely clinical. Every moment a patient spends in your chair is an opportunity for you to help, treat, teach, remind, and encourage them—all with the hope that they will develop healthier habits at home that translate into healthier visits with you.

But what if all of those moments with each of your patients were part of something much bigger? What if we told you that the tireless efforts of just one person—you—could help make a difference not just for your patients, but for the entire world?

FACT: Over 90% of the world population have chronic gingivitis to some degree.

Oral disease is a global problem. But we’ve got a bold solution.

Untreated oral disease is a worldwide issue that affects 3.9 billion people. That’s more than half of the world population.1,2 61% of patients do not know that brushing and flossing only cleans 25% of the mouth’s surface.3* Chronic gingivitis is an even bigger issue, and it’s prevalent at all ages.4

Clearly, oral health is a serious, global concern—and one that requires immediate attention. And that’s why, at LISTERINE®, we’ve set a bold new goal: improving oral health for every patient, at every site. Everywhere we can in the world. Achieving this goal requires nothing short of redefining prevention in daily oral care. But while it’s quite a challenge, it’s a goal that we are confident is more than just possible, it’s attainable. And we’ve got the data to prove it.

A bold goal demands bold data to support it.

A landmark, peer-reviewed analysis supports our bold initiative—an exceptionally robust collection of clinical data, and one that adds clinical relevance to your everyday practice. The analysis was reported in healthy and plaque-free sites, as opposed to whole-mouth plaque/gingivitis reductions, allowing you to easily set targets for your practice. The landmark analysis reviewed data on the additive benefits of LISTERINE® from 29 randomized, observer-blinded, placebo-controlled studies, including both published and unpublished data (with both favorable and unfavorable results), across 3 countries—the United States, Canada, and Brazil. It comprised over 4 decades of data, analyzing over 500,000 tooth sites. And, it represented a larger-than-usual population (N>5000 patients) with single studies having an average of 163 subjects.

Patients who added LISTERINE® to their daily oral health regimen had NEARLY 5X more plaque-free sites and OVER 2X more healthy gingival sites at 6 months vs mechanical methods alone.5

The results of the analysis clearly demonstrated that more plaque-free sites and more healthy gingival sites are achievable with LISTERINE® vs mechanical methods alone—even in the hardest-to-reach areas of the mouth.5

Bold new patient insights.*

Our bold goal was also inspired by clear evidence that patients are eager to partner with dental professionals, such as yourself, to improve their oral health. By surveying the behavior of over 4000 patients globally, the Study of Bold Oral Health uncovered that many patients want to improve their daily routine and that many are interested in doing so.3 Powerful insights such as these demonstrate their willingness to achieve the shared goal of better oral care:

76% of patients are willing to add another step to their oral care routine for a better checkup. 60% of patients won’t start a healthy habit without a professional recommendation. And, 90% of patients are willing to use a mouthwash for enhanced oral health.*

It all starts with you. And your recommendation.

This collection of bold evidence makes the ultimate conclusion clear: our goal of achieving a world of better oral health is well within our reach, because of the patients within your reach. It all begins with you, and your recommendation to add a 30-second rinse with LISTERINE® Antiseptic, twice a day, to their daily oral health routine. By committing to a new paradigm of “brush, floss, and rinse,” you can help create a groundswell that will reverberate across the entire world of oral health…for the ultimate benefit of all.

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*Based on self-reported data from a survey of patients in the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Brazil, and Japan (N=4134).

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