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Oral Care Clinical Evidence: LISTERINE® Antiseptic

With over 35 years of clinical support, LISTERINE® Antiseptic is the most widely used and extensively studied OTC mouthrinse

Meta-Analysis of the Effect of an Essential Oil-Containing Mouthrinse on Gingivitis and Plaque

Review the data from the first meta-analysis to demonstrate the clinically significant, site-specific benefit of LISTERINE® Antiseptic when added to an oral care regimen

Chemotherapeutic Inhibition of Supragingival Dental Plaque and Gingivitis Development

See the data supporting the efficacy of LISTERINE® Antiseptic against plaque and gingivitis when used as a supplement to regular oral hygiene measures

Use of Essential Oil-containing Mouthrinses by Xerostomic Individuals: Determination of Potential for Oral Mucosa Irritation

Read the clinical study surrounding LISTERINE® Antiseptic mouthrinse and the effect on xerostomia*

A Comparison of the Effects of 2 Commercially Available Nonprescription Mouthrinses on Salivary Flow Rates and Xerostomia

See the data comparing LISTERINE® Antiseptic to Act® Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash and their effect on salivary flow and symptoms of dry mouth in nonxerostomic patients

The Effect of LISTERINE® Antiseptic on Reduction of Existing Plaque and Gingivitis

Read the clinical study discussing the effect of LISTERINE® Antiseptic on existing dental plaque and gingivitis over a 6-month period

Comparative Effects of 2 Chemotherapeutic Mouthrinses on the Development of Supragingival Dental Plaque and Gingivitis

Explore the clinical study that compares the efficacy of LISTERINE® Antiseptic and Peridex™ when used as supplements to regular oral hygiene measures in reducing supragingival dental plaque and gingivitis

Adjunctive Benefit of an Essential Oil-containing Mouthrinse in Reducing Plaque and Gingivitis in Patients Who Brush and Floss Regularly: A Six-Month Study

Find out more about the incremental benefit of LISTERINE® Antiseptic on whole-mouth plaque and gingivitis when added to a routine brush and floss regimen

Determination of the Effect of a Tablet on Human Intrinsic Oral Malodor Using Gas Chromatography and Organoleptic Methodology

Explore the clinical study of LISTERINE® READY! Tabs™ and their effect on oral malodor

Oral Care Clinical Evidence: LISTERINE® ANTISEPTIC - footnotes

*LISTERINE® Antiseptic is not indicated for use in the treatment of xerostomia.