Determination of the Effect of a Tablet on Human Intrinsic Oral Malodor Using Gas Chromatography and Organoleptic Methodology

Data on file, Johnson & Johnson. Consumer Inc.



The primary objective was to determine the degree and duration of effect that LISTERINE® READY! Tabs® have on human intrinsic oral malodor compared with no treatment

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  • A 2-week, randomized, observer-blind, single-center, controlled, parallel-group clinical trial
  • 79 patients were randomized in the trial

    - Subjects were screened for 300 parts per billion (ppb) of hydrogen sulfide at baseline
  • Initial washout was 7-14 days using Colgate® Red Box
  • Product was used for 4 (+/-2) days, 5 x daily


Outcome measures

  • Primary: measurement of total volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) via gas chromatography
  • Secondary: measurement of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan per gas chromatography; measurement of strength of odors per organoleptic assessment using the Intensity Scale


Gas chromatography results:
Neutralizes VSCs for up to 3 hours

Organoleptic results:
Fresh-smelling breath for up to 4 hours

P<0.05 versus control; statistical significance was achieved at all post-baseline time assessments.

P value for between-treatment comparisons is based on a mixed model for repeated measures (MMRM) with baseline as a covariate.



This clinical trial demonstrates the effectiveness of LISTERINE® READY! Tabs® to treat oral malodor for up to 4 hours.

Reference:  Data on file, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.