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Patient Education Materials

Patient Education Materials

Find tools that will let you help your patients achieve and maintain an optimal level of oral health.


Welcome to the Clinic. Choose from a variety of tools specific to different aspects of oral healthcare, each designed to inform and enlighten. Feel free to look around, learn, and download whatever suits your needs.

Start the oral health conversation with your patients with questions designed to engage them.

A double-sided informational tool that illustrates the formation of cavities and how to prevent them.

Get patients more involved in their oral healthcare with tips for a healthy conversation between patients and dental healthcare professionals.

Fun graphics and engaging language encourage a healthy routine for oral care. A fun word search puzzle will help kids learn about proper oral care.

A helpful card listing LISTERINE® mouthrinses and flosses, their benefits for each type of patients, as well as proper dosing and usage of each product.

Explore a wealth of evidence about the safety and efficacy of LISTERINE® mouthrinses.